This Medical Doctor is a Top Fitness Model!


Dr. Sunny Andrews uses her medical knowledge to fine tune her physique as a WFBB fitness champion, and to help coach other towards their fitness goals.

She shows great mastery of both her mind and body, by perfecting her physique and becoming a medical doctor. Very impressive!

She is passionate about helping people and believes each person requires a medically sound fitness plan to achieve their optimal state of wellbeing.

“Don’t put yourself in a box. There are so many opportunities and experiences to live and if you keep your mind closed you will never grow. Most things that I’ve done that have terrified me, have ended up making me a much more well rounded person. “

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Her motivational message: “Stay hungry and humble. Realize that we’re human and that nothing lasts forever. With this attitude, we’ll be better suited to adapt to the flow of life, while capitalizing on every opportunity that presents itself. When we let our heads get too big, we end up setting ourselves back by ostracizing others and overlooking chances to grow. We think we know it all and we stop learning.”