This Fitness Model Defines Strength and Beauty


Cassandra Martin is widely regarded for her work ethic in the gym, frequently demonstrating not just an impressive physique, but hard work and heavy lifting in the weight room.

Standing at a height of 5’5″ and weighing anywhere from 125 – 135 lbs. this fitness model and social media standout was born in 1990.

She was genetically gifted with a lean and well proportioned physique, but honed it to perfection with years in the gym.

A former construction worker, Cass is not afraid of hard work.

A huge fan of Ronnie Coleman, she was inspired to lift heavier and build muscle.

Cass trains 6 days a week, and is a strong believer in mixing up her workouts to always keep her muscles guessing. She will frequently train an individual body part in a single session.

Widely regarded in the fitness industry as being one of the most naturally gifted fitness models, she does not let her genetic gifts get in the way of her work ethic.

She eats a clean diet consisting of mostly natural foods such as vegetables and lean meats.

Cass defies feminine stereotypes and proves you can be strong and beautiful at the same time!