The Ultimate Tesla Cybertruck Camper Trailer

The futuristic Tesla Cybertruck was designed for function, with the utility of a truck and sports cars like performance, this durable vehicle was built to be capable both on-road and off-road.

The render of the cybertruck in the great outdoors with a pop-up camper and grill positions Elon Musk’s polygonal Cybertruck as the ultimate camping expedition vehicle for the post-apocalyptic wasteland. 

What the Cybertruck needs is a versatile equally high tech trailer camper to perfectly compliment it, and the Australian made Bruder EXP-4 off road expedition trailer with a fully engineered suspension, chassis and body construction is a match made on Mars.

The idea of the cybertruck as a self-reliant overland travel vehicle to reach remote destinations where the journey is the principal goal adds an entirely new dimension to Tesla’s fleet. Combined with an advanced trailer like the EXP-4, this high tech refuge from the elements would be equally capable in the desert, the forrest, or just for being the coolest nerd at the tailgate party. 

The Tesla Cybertruck is made out of Ultra-Hard 30X Cold-Rolled stainless-steel and equipped with immensely controversial Tesla “bulletproof” glass, this electric pickup truck is not easy to ignore in traffic. What the Cybertruck lacks in grace, it makes up for in sturdiness and performance, sporting a powerful drivetrain and a low center of gravity that not only gives it amazing traction control, but also enable the mind-bending acceleration that can take the truck from 0 to 60 in as little as 2.9 seconds. These specs are available in the top level $70,000 version which also has an immense 500 mile range.

With a Tri motor all-wheel drive powertrain that generates an estimated 800 horsepower and 1,000 pound-feet of torque, the Cybertruck is able to pull pretty much anything that you can imagine having a whopping towing capability of 14,000 pounds. What this means to us is that you can attach an awesome trailer to it and use it when you go camping, and the EXP-4 from Bruder fits the Cybertruck like a glove.

This rugged camper packs advanced technology that won’t hinder the Cybertrucks natural abilities. The EXP-4 doesn’t buck, jolt or bounce around off-road, it’s advanced suspension soaks up undulations and remains in complete control. Made from 450 grade high tensile circular hollow section steel, the self-leveling capabilities of the Bruder trailer match perfectly with the adjustable air suspension of the Tesla cybertruck.

The monochrome stainless steel exoskeleton of the Cybertruck is perfectly complimented by the epoxy bonded closed cell composite of the Bruder RV, that was tested for durability in 120 degrees Fahrenheit ambient heat and it performed exceptionally well, the special material it’s made of being 60 millimeters thick and being able to handle 10 times its own weight. It seems that these two do not only work perfectly together on a functional level, but are also equally indestructible and well built.

The EXP-4 has yet another special trait, the R-value insulation of over 5.1, which makes it the most insulated trailer in its class. This means that anything you store inside the trailer will be kept at an ideal temperature and it will also stay safe from damage, including the internal 100-liter water supply tank that is usually placed somewhere on the outside of other campers. Similarly, the Cybertruck has a secure, lockable, covered cargo area where you could even fit an ATV, as we can see from their reveal videos, the sliding metal tonneau that cover it being a genius mechanism.

Designed in the same minimalist style as the Cybertruck, this trailer sports an incredibly spacious 6ft wide and 7ft 2in long sleeping area with a 1.8 meters long bed that needs no setup because it is always ready and level regardless of the terrain. As incredible as it might seem, this compact camper includes three immense storage shelves and even a dedicated hanging space for clothing. Besides these awesome features, you can also find internal USB charging outlets placed in convenient places so you can always stay connected. All these functions will be perfectly matched with the incredible adaptability of the Cybertruck, that can turn into a fully utilitarian vehicle, with on-board power and compressed air included. 

The 14,000 pound towing capacity of the Cybertruck is unrivaled, but no matter how powerful a truck may be, its performance is only as good as the trailer it drags behind. And we already know that the EXP-4 is the absolute king of campers, with a wheelbase and a drawbar designed with the utmost of precision, this trailer can achieve 90° turning angles without even a slight jolt. You can take any sharp turn and the Bruder will loyally follow you without jackknifing. This awesome performance can be achieved thanks to the patented suspension that can lean away, lower or rise up to 12 inches to avoid obstacles such as boulders or even overhanging trees.

Built with performance, aerodynamics and versatility in mind, both the Cybertruck and the EXP-4 can be successfully paired together for an off-road camping experience from the future. With this setup you will benefit from Tesla’s state of the art technology, while traveling safely and comfortably in a sturdy and secure trailer that doesn’t just give you a mere sleeping place, but can be considered an entire high tech  home on wheels, with a fully equipped kitchen and more. 

This combination is perfect, but tesla is thinking about making an RV of their own.

CEO Elon Musk was quoted as saying that Tesla in planning on producing a “sick attachment for the Cybertruck” and Tesla released this render:

The Tesla Cybertruck needs a versatile equally high tech trailer camper to perfectly compliment it, and the Australian made Bruder EXP-4 off road expedition trailer with a fully engineered suspension, chassis and body construction is a match made on Mars.

With a confirmed solar roof option on the Cybertuck, the potential to add additional solar panels on an overland trailer teases the idea of a self powered mobile home.