Tesla Model 3: Accessories

Tesla owners report some of the  highest levels of satisfaction of any vehicle on the market with 99.6% of respondents saying the Model 3 is a pleasure to drive. The Model 3 became a best seller in the US and delivered over 190,000 vehicles, since its debut in 2017, capturing 67% of the market for electric cars in the second quarter of 2019.

A wide variety of after market parts and accessories are now available for the Tesla Model 3.

Elon Musk’s dream was to sell electric cars that are affordable for everyone and with the Model 3, the company introduced a reasonably priced ultra-intelligent sedan, that put the entire automotive industry on notice. Known for quick acceleration, nimble handling, cutting edge tech, and low energy costs the Tesla Model 3 has been in high demand since it was first announced. You may already know the top version of this 5 seater does 0-60 in 3.2 seconds  and has a range of 310 miles, but her are some things you might not have known.

It has a Sentry Mode

The Sentry Mode is one of the coolest, most useful functions Tesla electric cars have, this special feature uses the cars cameras to monitor the surrounding environment for break ins. This top-notch security feature provides ease of mind when parking your Model 3 in a shady neighborhood. The Sentry Mode is easy to set up and it will protect your car from break-ins by sending an alert to your Tesla mobile app as soon as someone starts to get too personal with your car. Of course, the entire incident is going to be recorded and you’ll be able to download the footage and use it as proof if needed.

It was initially called Model E

In case you haven’t already realized that Tesla loves comedic easter eggs, here’s yet another little goof: the Model 3 was originally intended to be named Model E, but as Ford had already filed for that trademark, Elon had to change his plans. And that’s a pity, really! Because the big plan was to name it Model E just so the Tesla car lineup would spell SEXY. We’re genuinely sad that this grandiose scenario fell apart because we could just imagine Elon’s face when presenting all the cars, in order, on stage. Sexy indeed.

It has hidden Air Vents

Because the Tesla Model 3 is famous for its minimalist and elegant interior design, it was only natural for it to have some surprising features like the hidden air vents, for example. Because there are no evident vents or knobs to set the airflow direction and intensity, both the driver and the passenger have to use the central tablet to adjust this function and the animation for it is really cool: it involves a number of dots and the way you play with them influences the areas the airflow will affect. The future is definitely here when it comes to this car!

You can play Beach Buggy Racing

Tesla is not just making electric cars, it is creating experiences and this is the main reason it revolutionized the automotive market. A nice assortment of Easter Eggs are present in all car models and the Model 3 was definitely not overlooked when father Musk handed down the gifts from heaven, in fact it received one of the most entertaining ones: Beach Buggy Racing! That’s right, you can play it using your steering wheel and the car’s tires will even move in the direction of your steering. If this is not the coolest, most amazing feature of an electric car ever, then we don’t know what is!

It features the Summon mode

The Summon mode is a daring feature present in the Tesla lineup and when you see it at work, you might not believe your eyes! Recently introduced via an over the air update to software version 10, along with several other gems including theater mode and karaoke. electric car from a block away and it will drive itself nicely and steadily to you. Pretty cool, right? Getting the same updates as then more expensive tesla models, the model 3 is definitely not the neglected cheapo model, but a handsome and down to earth. luxury sedan

It has NO Key

Like any futuristic electric vehicle that wants to impress, the Tesla Model 3 has no ignition key. Yes, you’ve heard well, there’s no key to open or start the car, everything being activated via a smartphone app that can also control a variety of other functions like the Summon mode that makes the car drive to you on its own from quite a distance away. So, in simple terms, to open the Model 3’s doors you’ll have to access the aforementioned app; to start the engine, that is never actually off, because it’s in sleep mode, very much like a laptop, you’ll also need to access the same app. Painlessly simple, right?

The Ride comfort was tuned to Nasa specs

“Only the best for our customers” thought the Tesla engineers when they calibrated the ride comfort module of the Model 3 to match Nasa’s specs. This means that both the driver and the passengers will feel like they’re in a spaceship when riding inside this electric car minus the liftoff part, ofcourse. The simple explanation would be that Tesla used Nasa data to target the frequency that would keep drivers feeling most comfortable when the car passes over a bump or something the Model 3 is made to have a vertical frequency equivalent to a “brisk walk or a slow run”.

It comes with a Special Access Card

Besides the intelligent phone app that allows you to open and start the car, the Tesla Model 3 also has a special Access Card that can be used to take control of the vehicle, and this can become extremely handy when using a valet service or for emergency access. The image of a driver opening his car by just touching the door with this special Card is reminiscent of other luxury experiences like a high end hotel, and demonstrates a propensity for  simple and elegant engineering solutions to common problems and scenarios.

It has a Glass Roof

The panoramic glass roof is always a nice addition to have on any car and the one featured on the Tesla Model 3 is best in class. Providing a breathtaking view from inside the car, this cool addition is not only for aesthetic purposes, even though it does give viewers some amazing hues of red and orange when exposed to dew, but it also has a functional side: it’s extremely good at keeping the heat out, which means that unlike other glass roofs, the one on the Tesla Model 3 will not turn the car into an oven on wheels.

It has a highly advanced Braking system

When it comes to engineering and components Tesla doesn’t cut many corners, and their cheapest model, namely the Model 3, got a highly advanced set of large powerful brakes.

Equipped with four-pot brake calipers, Tesla engineered the piston seals to fully retract the brake pads after braking To keep mechanical friction to a minimum. Brake pads normally slightly float and make, light rotor contact to help keep them free of rust. To accomplish this, the automaker developed unspecified “new anti-corrosion techniques.

The Model 3’s braking system is so effective, that Tesla trusts them with pedestrians   lives, as like other tesla modes, the model 3 has an autopilot mind its own, that can start, stop, accelerate and avoid crashes statistically better than a human driver.