Support Our Great Nurses

In these trying times it’s important to show your support for those on the front lines working hard to take care of us and our loved ones. While you’re staying home eating a preposterous amount of snacks and watching Tiger King our great nurses are on the front lines working very hard!

Our nurses don’t always receive the recognition they deserve. Here are some great practical ways you can support them and show your appreciation.

Lauren Drain is a big proponent of fitness and healthy lifestyle. She exercises regularly and eats good foods.
  1. Stay Home: Even if you’re young and healthy you don’t want to catch this thing. By staying home you can help flatten the curve, and slow down the rate of people who need hospitalization so they can better do their job.

2. Call ahead before you go to the doctor. Don’t just show up unannounced. Give them time to prepare the proper procedures and provide you instructions for your arrival.

3. Send good, healthy, clean food to the hospital as a gift. Call ahead to make sure they are accepting food donations. To be on the safe side send foods that can be removed from their packaging and reheated.

4. Offer to help them shop for groceries or supplies. They are working long shifts! If you know a nurse, reach out to them and ask if they need any help with shopping. Even if you don’t have their phone number you can try messaging them on facebook.

5. Donate supplies such as masks, surgical gloves, or other personal protective equipment if you happen to have any. Definitely call ahead to the hospital to make sure they are accepting donations, or get a recommendation for another hospital that has a greater need for supplies.

6. Give your favorite nurse a social media shoutout to tell them that you love and appreciate them. This is a war, help keep morale high!

7. Offer to watch their children. With schools and daycare closed, many nurses are in a tough spot. If you have a good relationship with them, and are a reliable and trustworthy person who loves children, offer to watch their kids for a few days.

These small gestures mean a lot, together we can make a difference!

A nurse is defined as a person trained to care for the sick or infirm, especially in a hospital. These nurses do a great job while maintaining their health and fitness. It’s important that we recognize them and show our appreciation so everyone can get back to the gym working out and eating healthy foods, and taking supplements.

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