Solar Yacht: Silent Yachts 55 Technical Tour

SILENT-YACHTS was founded with a vision of significantly reduced cost of yacht ownership to explore the ocean in sustainable luxury through innovative clean technology.

The first and only ocean going production yachts in the world which are powered by solar energy, Silent Yachts unlock the possibility of unlimited range, almost zero emissions, and greatly reduced maintenance requirements. Noiseless, and self-sufficient, all energy production is done on board.

From propulsion, navigation, and even the household equipment everything is powered by the sun. The solar electric drivetrain means an absence of vibration, noise, and smell, and provides total self sufficiency.

As electric power is transforming the automotive world, with EV adoption rates growing at about 60% each year, Silent Yachts is poised to ride the wave of technological advancements in motor efficiency and improvements in battery storage technology.


Silent Yachts might just be an early entrant in an entirely new category of electric yachting, oft attempted but rarely pulled off so gracefully in a fully functional production ready catamaran that is gorgeous inside and out. This electric boat is in a catamaran configuration.