She’s the most flexible fitness model in the world


Meet Leah Jacobs. The UK resident is a former elite British gymnast who has maintained all of her flexibility despite retiring from competition. She leaves people both impressed and confused posing in positions that seem impossible!

On social media she refers to herself as a “full time bendy girl” and entertains her nearly half a million followers with poses that demonstrate a great deal of flexibility as well as a sense of humor.

In fact she often does chores around the house in humorous positions demonstrating her incredible flexibility and ability to multi-task, getting her stretching in while vacuuming the house!

When you’re this flexible, sometimes it’s comfortable to relax and watch TV in quite unusual positions.

Of course Leah maintains a rigorous exercise routine in the gym consisting of a lot of dynamic stretching movements as well as gymnastics. She no longer competes but still likes to stay in shape and maintain the physique of a full time competitor.

Her flexibility and good looks attract a lot of attention on social media and Leah has no problem demonstrating her unusual body contortions in unique ways.