Russian Muscle Barbie has Face like Doll and Body like Tank

Julia Vins is a powerlifter from Russia who’s enigmatic appearance has captivated her fans from around the world. She started powerlifting at only 15 years old and had the perfect genetics.

“Initially I set a goal to become stronger because I had no confidence in myself”

Many people ask her why did she lift so hard and get so big, in response she said, “I like the way my body is changing, I’m enjoying the process.”

Her self confidence is admirable. She takes great pride in her strength and appearance and a legion of followers on social media all have their own opinions To that she says, “If you don’t have haters it means you’re doing something wrong.”

She trains 5 days a week and is focused on gaining strength, because she’s now competing in powerlifting. She competes at a weight of 165 lbs.

She set a new Junior world record squat of 540 lbs. in competition, and her deadlift max is an impressive 396 lbs.

Her favorite supplements include, “BCAA’s, vitamins, creatine, fish oil, and glutamine.” She is an entrepreneur as well and owns a coffee shop in her hometown in Russia.