Influencer Wants Her Deformed Cheap Butt Lift Reversed

For 19 year old instagram influencer and YouTuber Sophie Elise, a common butt lift surgery she had done on the cheap in a Turkish clinic turned out to be much more than a pain in the butt.


After healing she feels it’s too round and bubbly, although it looks good in clothing, the shape is unnatural and draws unwanted attention.

In a YouTube video that sparked all the attention she said,

“I’m tired of having an a** which doesn’t look natural. I didn’t think about consistency and what I’d want to look like at 50 years old. Now that I’m older, I think in a completely different way and the choices I make, whether physical or mental, should be ones I can live with forever.”

She decided to have her surgery reversed to hopefully revert to a more normal former version of herself, and this time she wants to stay out of the spotlight.

“So I have concluded not to share as much of this surgery. No before or after pictures, and no documentation of pain and the experience itself Next year I will not work the same way as now.”

Since speaking out about being upset about the results of her surgery, she has gotten a lot of attention but she’s taking it in stride “when your deformed cheap a** goes viral thanks to Daily Mail ❤️😂” is not one of them.

This unfortunate incident draws attention to a common epidemic among young women to conform to unnatural beauty standards blasted in their face by social media. Often the photos they see are digitally manipulated and not even real.

It’s becoming more common for women to alter their bodies with surgeries to try and compete with the Kardashian’s of the world, and sometimes it results in a bad outcome and a weird misshapen rear end. Sad stuff.