Conspiracy Theorists Believe this Ukrainian Fitness Model is an Alien

Bakhar Nabieva is a highly unusual fitness model who was born in the exotic land of Azerbaijan but now lives in Ukraine. She has built an impressive social media following and also goes by the aliases “Miss Iron Bum” and her self styled moniker “Quadzilla”

Standing at a height of 5’2″ she weighs about 125 lbs. and is a powerhouse in the gym, performing many heavy lifts. She is not interested in competing, according to an interview.

“Currently I have no interest in competing, I have been competing in the category fitness, but really have no interest. You have to be a very restricted diet, no carbohydrates, the training does not yield when you have no energy. I do not want to expose myself to such torture, perhaps in the future.”

In terms of training, she says:

I work with weights using 6-10 and 15 repetitions maximum. I love to train legs, of course!! The exercises that I like the most are squats, leg press, leg extension and lats.

Her exotic looks and attractive beastly quads have led many social media followers to question if she is actually from Planet Earth, and it has become a common topic of discussion on various fitness forums and social media threads.

Surprisingly, Bakhar is not a huge fan of strict dieting, and eats a pretty basic diet with staples such as meat and eggs, and “cakes.” Perfect alien genetics.

In case you were wondering her eyes are just a pair of black contacts she wears to create a mysterious and intriguing look and set her apart from the rest of the fitness pack.

In terms of her ethnicity, she ambiguously says she is “Mixed” fueling speculation she might not be of the human species.

Her advice to those trying to achieve their fitness goals:

“Just stay mentally strong, no matter what you are subject to, get bigger or thin, there will always be someone who will try to put you down. And remember to be happy!!”