Jem Wolfie is a Basketball Dream Girl


A former Wester Australian league basketball player, the instagram star has become famous for her highly engaging basketball trick shots and workout videos, which she posts to over 2.7 million follower on instagram.

She is 28 years old and stands at a height of 5’7″. Her workout videos draw quite a lot of attention, garnering millions of views.

Despite negativity from haters, she has created a career out of her instagram account. “Why would someone get mad about what I do for a living?” she told interviewers “The only reason why someone would get mad at what I do for a living is ‘cause it hurts ‘cause they sit in an office all day,”

To add to the allure this basketball dream girl is a former chef and has a passion for cooking healthy meals!

The good news is Jen is single and she has not shared any romantic photos online that suggest she is in a relationship.

She has a huge passion for sports cars as well. In fact, she bought her favorite car recently, a Mazda RX8