Avital Cohen is an Israeli Fitness Dream Girl


24 Year old Israeli fitness sensation Avital Cohen is known for posting incredible fitness content and inspiring travel photos on instagram to her audience of over 1.7 million fans

Adored by many, Avital is the image of health and vitality, but she has struggled with her diet in the past. Since embracing a more moderate fitness lifestyle she says, “Since then I’m a much happier person, positive, healthier and treat my body with the love it deserves.”

She is also an entrepreneur and owns her fitness clothing company called gym girl glam.

She acknowledges everyone deals with struggles and says, “Use the struggles as a drive to work harder on your mind and body.”

She doesn’t shy away from demonstrating her incredible fitness and balance even when dressed up for a night on the town.

In terms of diet, she currently eats six meals per day and works out regularly.