10 Tesla Roadster Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

The Tesla Roadster is the quickest car in the world, with record-setting acceleration, range and performance. As an all-electric supercar, the Roadster maximizes the potential of aerodynamic engineering—with record-setting performance and efficiency. The numbers have been making the rounds, everyone knows this car has a zero-to-60-mph time of 1.9 seconds, a top speed of more than 250 mph, and a quarter-mile time of just 8.8 seconds, but here are some interesting facts you might not have known.

Comes with Optional Cold Gas Thrusters

YouTube: Everyday Astronaut (Comedic Mockup)

The SpaceX package of the new Roadster is most definitely the most exotic addition to this already striking electric car, although we’re not sure if it will be street legal. Simply explained, this special model will have 10 small cold gas thrusters placed around the rear of the car. The additional thrust on takeoff will reduce the physical traction limits of the instantly available massive torque and maximize acceleration.

10,000 Nm of torque

Even though it might seem like we’ve dropped too many zeroes in here, there’s widespread information that the Roadster will have 10,000 newton-­­meters of torque, or 7,400 pound feet. To put it into context, a Bugatti Veyron has around 1,500 newton-meters of torque, so about 7 times less than the Tesla model, which, by the way, is able to cover a quarter mile in 8.8 seconds, faster than the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. Crazy specs, indeed! Can’t wait to see them at work!

Inspired by Lotus Elise

The very first Tesla Roadster was built on the chassis of a Lotus Elise and even though Elon Musk now says it was the “biggest mistake” to do so, this is the vehicle that Tesla first modified. Back when it was first announced as a street legal electric car, the Roadster was the most daring project, unequaled by any other in the world; and even though it was involved in the Top Gear scandal where the show producers implied it suddenly died on the race track when it fact it still had 20 miles left, it still thrived to become the wonder that it is today.

It is limited to 10,000 models/year

As it was expected, the Roadster will come in limited numbers, only around 10,000 models being produced per year if we are to believe what Elon Musk promises. The production is scheduled to begin in 2020, so we’re most likely to start seeing the New roadster on the streets around 2022, as it was the case with the model 3 which got into production in 2016 and was available for purchase only in late 2018 and 2019. So, if you’re eager to get a Roadster, just know that you have to be patient and pay the $50,000 reservation fee.

It has no door handles

Seeing how some Tesla models have self presenting door handles that lie flush, it’s no wonder that the new Roadster model took it a step further have zero door handles. More precisely, you’ll be able to enter this revolutionary EV using a series of finger swiping moves, very much like you would when unlocking a phone. Based on fingerprint reading, this high tech system eliminated the door handles that could cause extra drag and make the car less aerodynamic.

It will feature the Maximum Plaid mode

If it wasn’t already obvious that Musk has an obsession with the Spaceballs Sci-Fi comedy, referring to the numerous puns used by him and even the name of the “ludicrous” mode that is in fact a direct homage to the movie’s universe, the new Roadster will pack a “Maximum Plaid” mode, also a Spaceballs reference, indeed. This improvement is expected to transform the car into a real beast, unequaled by any other EV on the market in terms of speed and acceleration.

It has removable magnetic mirrors

Because this car is surrounded by all kinds of sensors and cameras, there would be no need for side mirrors, but because international regulations ask for these to be present on each and every car model, the Roadster will have magnetic ones and you’ll be able to remove them when you want to become even more aerodynamic mode and practically “fly” over racetracks. The new Roadster has so many surprising features that we’re honestly impressed by how much a car can actually pack.

It has a removable roof that fits in the trunk

Tesla Roadster is not just a insanely fast hyper car, but it’s also a convertible; Having a removable roof that perfectly fits in the trunk. Specifically designed to reduce weight present in automatic convertible systems, this special feature transforms the car into an elegant cabriolet and what’s even more impressive is the fact that the foldable roof is made entirely from glass. Seeing how the Roadster ticks all the boxes when it comes to car tech, it’s no wonder that it has a fully removable glass roof that fits into its own trunk.

It is the fastest production e-car

With a predicted top speed of over 250 miles per hour, the Roadster is going to be the fastest production electric car to be ever developed, going from 0 to 60 in only 1.9 seconds. We’re not surprised one bit by Elon’s ambitious dreams, because ever since he released the first Roadster model in 2008, he strived for greatness and continued on adding more and more crazy specs to all the Tesla models that haven been released in the meantime.

It’s trajectory through space is tracked

Remember how in 2018 a Tesla Roadster model was launched into space with the Starman aboard? Well, since then, the car kept on orbiting the sun and for the curious minds that love astrophysics there is a website that tracks the exact trajectory the car is following second by second. Named “whereisroadster.com”, this gem of the internet shows you the coordinates of the hyper car so that you know how the EV is enjoying its trip in outer space. Pretty cool, right?