10 Nissan Leaf Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

The Nissan Leaf is one of the most popular and best-selling electric car models in the world, it’s affordable price and premium features making it the number one choice when it comes to shopping for a budget EV that can perform amazingly well. The 62 Kwh model has a range of 226 miles and 214 hp, but you probably knew that, here are some interesting facts you might not have known.

99% of the Nissan LEAF is recyclable

Nissan Leaf is known not only for helping the environment with its full electric motor but it also takes the “greenest car” prize in the production category as well, with 60% of its interior being made out of recycled plastic bottles. As incredible as it might seem, even the textiles used for the interior of the Leaf are gathered from recycled clothes, in fact, 99% percent of this electric vehicle is recyclable, which means that after it has served its purpose, it won’t be rotting in a car graveyard; instead, it will be ready to be transformed into something else, maybe even another vehicle.

You can drive with just ONE pedal

The E-pedal is the Leaf’s most advertised feature, the use of a single pedal to either accelerate or brake being a truly revolutionary concept that electric car drivers can benefit from. Nissan states that using this unique pedal could greatly increase driving efficiency and it could also meet all the driver needs for 90% of urban driving. So, in other words, all you’ll need to do is start the car and press or release the e-pedal from time to time in order to accelerate or to stop. Straightforward, no fuss!

It has Intelligent Driver Alertness

Because electric cars are becoming smarter and smarter, they are now able to steer for you, change lanes, brake and even detect if you might be a little tired and should take a nap before continuing your trip. The Intelligent Driver Alertness feature of the Nissan Leaf monitors the driver’s steering and if the system feels like your pattern deviates from your usual style of driving, it will alert you with a chime and a coffee cup icon on the display which means that it’s time to get some well-deserved “Zzz-s”.

Has Acoustic Windshield glass

One of the staple traits of an electric car is the silent driving; having no combustion engine, everything is so quiet inside the cabin that all you can hear is the faint sound of tires on asphalt. But as you might know, all the manufacturers are trying to make their cars even more silent, and this is why the Nissan Leaf has an acoustic windshield glass that contains a special vinyl layer fused inside that filters a great deal of outside noise.

It has an Around View Monitor

The Intelligent Around View Monitor is really impressive and of great help when parking because it gives you a virtual complex 360° bird’s-eye view of your Nissan Leaf allowing you to see each and every side of your car. The close-ups that show a combination of the front and the rear sides of the car are simply amazing because you can view your whereabouts precisely at all times when parking. Also, you’ll have an on-screen heads up if the car detects moving nearby, so you’re really set for a stress-free life with the Leaf!

Is the world’s best-selling highway-capable EV

The Nissan Leaf was introduced in 2010 as the first mass-market electric vehicle and after 9 years and many improvements it became the first EV to surpass 400,000 sales. This record is a powerful statement for the sustainable mobility trend that was jumpstarted by Nissan a decade ago and is nowadays continued by influential car manufacturers like Tesla, BMW, Volkswagen and many others; in fact,  virtually every automotive company is aiming towards a future where electric cars have dominanant market share.

It has Rear Cross Traffic Alert

You know that the most nerve wrecking scenario for a driver is to back out of a space when you have zero visibility and you just roll back at a snail’s pace, praying not to get hit. Well, the Nissan Leaf has you covered with an intelligent rear cross traffic alert system that watches around the back of the vehicle and warns you about cars that it detects creeping up on you from either side. Now you can park even in the most inaccessible of places and be sure that you can get out with the help of your Leaf.

Features Intelligent Trace Control

Everyone dreams of a driving experience as smooth and as comfortable as possible, so Nissan thought about implementing a feature called “intelligent trace control” that, thanks to an advanced technology, can brake each wheel individually by simply reading the road infrastructure while you are driving. Each corner you take and each bump you might encounter on the route will be handled with the outmost of care, so you can enjoy the driving experience of your life.

Charges 80% in 40 minutes

The main concern drivers have about the reliability of electric cars is in regards to the battery range and the charging time, the big disadvantage they are invoking being that you don’t have your car ready at all times and you can’t make unplanned trips, like in the case of a petrol-powered vehicle. The Nissan Leaf charges about 80% in only 40 minutes and you constantly get updates about the charging status directly on your mobile phone via the NissanCoonect app, so there’s that! No more range anxiety because the Leaf can go for 226 miles and no more worries about the charging time because the car gets juiced up faster than you can get dressed for the trip.

It comes with ProPILOT Assist

Stop and go traffic is one of the most frustrating driving experiences, it’s tedious to start and stop the car a million times just to drive half a mile in 30 minutes. In those moments you’d give an arm and a leg for a system that could drive the car in your place, and the good news is that the Nissan Leaf has such an amazing feature, namely the Propilot Assist that keeps a set distance from the cars ahead of you based solely on the traffic flow. This smart technology can even totally stop the car and then bring it back up to speed when traffic starts moving again!