10 Most Secretive Electric Cars in Development

With electric vehicles expected to be 25% of vehicle sales by 2025 and more than 50% by 2040, all major automotive manufacturers are devoting serious research and developmental resources into creating new electric models. In the war for electronic supremacy, secrecy is paramount and companies are being stingy with the general public about the details of cars in development. Here are some of the most intriguing  EV projects from famous manufacturers, that consumers would love to know more about.

Apple iCar

Details are elusive regarding a future self-driving vehicle from the design centric technology company. We do know that the secretive apple electric car concept codenamed Titan has an estimated 5000 employees working in the division, numerous Tesla engineers and car experts have migrated towards Apple, and apple just recently completed an acquisition of autonomous vehicle startup drive.ai. Something is brewing in Cupertino, and it might just be an iCar. Let us hope our iphones sync to the stereo system without blasting U2.

Tesla Pickup Truck

Even though there’s no confirmed design, there are several renderings of the upcoming Tesla pickup truck, Musk stating that it will look futuristic and Steampunk inspired. With massive wheels and a striking design, this EV was made to compete with the popular Ford F150, with 300,000 pounds of towing capacity being 30 times more powerful than the aforementioned rival! Probably equipped with an advanced 800-volt  power system it’s being Developed for a different customer segment than typical tesla owners, The pickup is expected to have a more fundamental interior design emphasizing physical controls over touchscreens.

This incredible truck will be competitively priced under $50,000 and it will offer a 400 or 450-mile range, making it the most anticipated electric pickup trucks of the future.

Lamborghini Terzo Millennio 

The Lamborghini Terzo Millenio is the legendary Italian automobile manufacturers vision of an all electric future. Developed in collaboration with MIT scientists, it’s powered by high-capacity supercapacitors instead of batteries. With independently controlled motors on each wheel, The highly stable Terzo Millennio is believed have an autonomous system that is specialized for driving around a racetrack and this 130 million dollar project is said to be comparable to an F1 car. This visionary design is not slated for production, and Lamborghini is playing their cards close to the vest about the possibility producing an all electric supercar. It’s name translates to 3rd millennium, so hopefully we won’t have to wait another 980 years.

Ford Mach E

The Mach E is expected to touch the asphalt sometime next year, this model being Ford’s first fully electric SUV. Even though there aren’t many things we know about this mustang inspired EV, we do have an idea about its total range, which is going to be around 370 miles, so this car will not only excel in performance but it will also be fit for long trips. The Mach E is expected to have a low body profile similar to the Jaguar I-Pace, and an athletic zero-to-60 time of approximately 3.5 seconds.

BMW i4

The i4 could be described as an elegant BMW 4-series that has been electrified, but with a twist, the trimming featured on this EV following a similar slick design line that we can find in many upcoming electric vehicle concepts. Set for release in 2021, the i4  has a range of 373 miles, can go from 0 to 60 in about 4 seconds and will be aimed directly between the Model 3 and Model S. This four-door electric coupe is part of BMW’s all-electric fleet and it’s going to be a fast one!

HiPhi 1

Dubbed the direct upcoming competitor to the Tesla Model X, the Chinese e-car from Human Horizons is called HiPhi1 and it has a range of 400 miles. It is the first electric vehicle from this company and although it is not known on the western market, it has some amazing specs, like an electric motor capable of churning out 268HP, 9 touch screen displays that offer a viewable screen area of 50 inches and a total of 562 sensors. All of these in the range of $75,000. Tesla, beware!

Fisker SUV

The revived automotive brand Fisker has big plans and by 2021 wants to release an all-electric SUV model that is intended to compete with Tesla Model Y. This vehicle will be powered by a dual motor system and will have a target range of around 300 miles, information about the top speed, horsepower and other performance characteristics is still unknown. The price of the upcoming Fisker electric SUV is stated to be below $40,000, which would make it one of the most affordable and powerful EV’s on the market.

Bentley EXP 100 GT

To mark their 100 year birthday since the brand first saw the light of day, Bentley created the EXP 100 GT concept, an electric car “inspired by the elements of traveling”, with adaptable biometric seats and autonomous driving. The use of AI is yet another trait that makes this e-car extremely advanced and incredibly intuitive to drive, the EXP 100 GT being a reinvented grand touring vehicle with an electric heart and a top speed of 186 mph, 1,100 pound-feet of torque and 0 to 60 in under 2.5 seconds.

Nissan IMx

When you imagine the prototypical electric car of the future, the Nissan IMx comes to mind. With 3D printed seats, no switches or knobs, a panoramic OLED instrument panel and most functions being activated by hand gestures, eye movements and spoken commands, this incredible SUV has a pair of electric motors that generate 429 horsepower and a whopping 516 pound-feet of torque. Built on a new, scalable platform, the Nissan IMx concept is set to make our jaws drop if it ever goes into production.

Audi AI: Trail

The Audi AI: Trail is basically the Mars ROVER turned into an electric car, the helicopter inspired cabin it features and the massive wheels making it a visually striking EV. But this vehicle is not all about the quirky looks, in fact, the AI: Trail can go as far as 155 miles on off-road circuits and around 300 miles on the streets, its top speed being limited to 80 miles per hour. With hanging chairs that remind us of hammocks, the Audi AI:Trail is definitely a highly specialized electric vehicle, meant to replace the old buggies you used to drive through forests and mountains. 

That concludes our list of secretive electric cars in development. We did include some concept cars that have been introduced to the general public and are not scheduled for production, and Not all of them are exactly “top secret” but these are all vehicles we’d love to know more about.